credit card terminals

Why We Rate An A+ With The Better Business Bureau Believes in delivering stellar customer service for all our customers. We know how important it is to have you up and running quickly as poassible with as little hassle as possible when running your business. Below we have some testiments of merchants and what they are saying about our support staff

Retail Merchants:

I have a children's clothing store and have been in business for over a decade now and have had no problems with my equipment or my account. Until recently. A child spilled a coke onto my card swiper and I thought I would be down for a couple of days during the christmas season. Not a good time. I called my rep and I had a new one the next morning. How great is that!

Lisa Dupont/Owner

When I was new at starting a business, I had no idea on how to open a storefront, my customer support representative asked me what my needs were and set me up with free equipment and saved me money in other ways for my merchant account. Thanks for making it easier than I thought it would be.

Jack Klemm/Owner/Operator

Ok. I had a bit of a problem when I was setting up my store. I could not get a phone or internet line to my checkout counter. The guys at Compare Merchant suggested I run with a free wireless terminal. Problem solved! I have added a sister store and we set it up the same way. How great is that. Didn't have to run a bunch of wires. Thanks guys for everything and also the time and money you saved me

Robert Bradson/Owner

Sales & Services On The Road:

I have a solar company that I spend alot of time on the road with. I would always have to wait to go back to my office to process a potential customer's credit card. I lost a few accounts due to this. I know have my trusty iPhone and card encryption sleeve and I get the deal done after I sell a customer a solar package right then and there. Love my card sleeve. Gotta love modern technology!

George Patterson/Director Of Sales-Pacific Solar


Sales & Services Continued...

Mechanic's Dream. I run my own automotive repair shop. I also fix the vehicles that come in. I am constantly having to keep client's out of my office when I do not have a person at the desk. With my wireless internet card reader, I can easily go walk it out to the customer outside by my service bay and process the card for them.

William Preston/Owner-BP's Automotive Service

I am a general contractor and have been in busines for over 15 years. I used to get checks for the job and watch them bounce when I took them to the bank. Lost alot of money that way. Thank god for the phone card swiper. I swipe their cards and I can get paid and make sure it goes through. I can leave the job knowing I won't have to go back and collect. Sweeeeet!

Daniel Moore/Contrator

Restaurant And Food Services

With over 250 dinners nightly and 150 during the day. My card reader gets a workout. Amazed at how it has been used hard by my employees and it has been working for 5 years now with no issues. I recently decided to upgrade and love my new one. You guys rock.

Stanley Loard/Owner-Stanley's Bistro and Pub

I run a catering truck and I am constantly on the move. I am set up so I can use my phone or I can catch a wifi signal and go wireless. I no longer am having to turn down possible business because I can offer credit card service wherever I go and whenever. It has become 60% of my business from customers that use cards. They seam to be happy because now they don't need cash to get them what they want to eat from my catering truck.

Jeff Turnble/Owner-Jeff's Elegant Catering Service

My restaurant is open seven days a week and we also cater to parties corporations and weddings. We have been making extra sales lately at the corporate lunches. We always make a few extra lunches because someone always is needing an extra lunch for an employee or two. I can charge them and get paid right on the spot. In a month's time it adds up quickly. I do not like to lose business so this works out great for the restaurant.

John Melrose/Manager-Timberland Restaurant