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About Compare Merchant dot com – How It Works was created to help businesses owners shop and compare our quote from other reputable merchant accounts providers from around the country. Businesses like yours only have to answer a few industry specific questions regarding your credit card processing needs and accounts.


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An Introduction to Accepting Credit Cards on the Internet

Credit Cards and card processing

If you have a website and but don’t have merchant provider and you don't accept credit cards then you're losing massive amounts of business. Even if you do accept credit cards it may be worth considering an alternative that will either offer you better rates or save you time. The internet has become one of the largest retail generators for business over this decade. We can help you get set up with an merchant account that is PCI Compliant in order to protect your customers and cost effective to you. Call us today and get started!

Merchant Account – The Beginners Accounts Guide

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Accepting credit cards requires virtually no technical knowledge at all, and only a very modest outlay of capital. All you need to have is a merchant account to start your business.

You can start by contacting us by phone(1-800-909-2124), or filling out the compare now form, or you can also click on the upper gold bar on this page and it will re-direct you to a sign up form.

A Relationship Representative will guide you to what you will need for your "Point Of Sales" credit card processing terminals (which is FREE!), cost factors and support of our services.

You will be sent your equipment once your application is approved and we offer free ground shipping and tracking.

You can then plug it in and you are ready to except credit cards.
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